Melbourne LIVE Tourism Forum

16 June 2016
9.00am to 7.00pm*


RACV City Club

501 Bourke Street, Melbourne VIC


What does the future hold for Melbourne as a compelling visitor destination?

With its overarching theme of Leadership, Innovation and the Visitor Experience, Melbourne LIVE, the first Melbourne tourism forum of its kind, will focus on the next generation of travellers, trends and developments to ensure Melbourne holds its position as Australia’s leading city destination.

Melbourne LIVE will be a fun and inspiring event that will offer an inspirational line-up of experts and leaders from a range of industries, who will share thought-provoking insights on emerging trends across key visitor sectors.

Who is this event for?

Designed to inspire and inform, this forum aims to educate all sectors of the visitor industry including:

  • Accommodation providers
  • Attractions
  • Event and Festival Organisers
  • Local and State Government
  • Retailers
  • Dining providers
  • Tour operators


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Speakers & Topics covered:


Highlights of the program include:

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: L.A. Insights - Don Skeoch

With Los Angeles positioned as one of the world's premier destinations for Millennials, Chief Marketing Officer of Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, Don Skeoch, will share with us the key insights from their hugely successful Get Lost in L.A. campaign. Get Lost in L.A. targets Millennial travellers in particular, and with Los Angeles predicted to welcome more than 46 million visitors in 2016, it will help make it one of the most visited destinations in the United States.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: The Rise of the Millennials - Holly Ransom

It’s a reality that Millennials are travelling more than their predecessors; sometimes as much as nine times more. As we recognise the importance of millennial travellers to us in the visitor industry and the wider economy, this session will shed light on their behaviours and values, and how these values will continue to influence the way visitor services are designed. As a successful entrepreneur with an enviable CV, 26-year old Holly will also provide inspiration for all millennials to take a leadership approach to improving our visitor experience.

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Innovate, Don’t Imitate - Robynne Berg

Not since the discovery of flight has the visitor industry changed as much as it is today. Digital disruption, social media and the shared economy are completely reshaping our industry, and the businesses that thrive in this new world will be innovative, agile and visitor-centric. In her presentation, Robynne will explain how innovation is within the reach of any business, and demonstrate how visitor-centricity can ignite this innovation while creating exceptional visitor experiences.

Future-Proofing our Culinary Culture - Jill Dupleix

Food is a constant, but the role of food in our lives is constantly shifting. Jill will pick apart ten next-to-happen food trends, from medicinal meals and lab-grown meats to whole-system zero-waste thinking, and looks at their impact on Melbourne’s powerful food and restaurant culture. How can Melbourne better serve up its own great diversity of food experiences to not only draw gastro-tourists by the table-load but have them come back for seconds? By connecting the diner with the destination in a unique, surprising and memorable way.

The Next Generation - Al Jeffery

We’re in a time of rapid and large-scale change. Tomorrow’s generation will think about the way we live, work, play and experience the world around us very differently to today’s – and yesterday’s – leaders. What will the future of tourism in Melbourne look like to respond to these emerging trends and drivers? Al will explore the future and the importance for us to lead the way by finding and focusing on our core mission and role in the industry.

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Marvellous Melbourne - Kenneth Park

Kenneth unpacks a story of “Marvellous Melbourne”, the phrase coined to describe our booming city in the late 19th century. The richness of our celebrated urban life today rests on an incredible foundation of the past, and at Melbourne LIVE Kenneth will take us through the rich legacy of Melbourne’s architecture, its vibrant arts scene and exciting sports events, as well as its beautiful parks and gardens, wonderful arcades and alleyways, cafes and bars.

Think Like a Visitor: The Shopper - Martin Ginnane

Zara, H&M, Uniqlo and Topshop are just some of the global brands that six years ago were not part of Melbourne’s retail landscape. Now, these brands – alongside traditional retail attractions such as the Queen Vic Market – help to form part of Melbourne’s global retail offering. Martin will focus on the advantage of being local and acting global, genuinely connecting with your customer and how to deliver experiences that will have consumers talking about your business as a must visit destination.

Think Like a Visitor: The International Student - Dr. Joanne Pyke

International students (160,000 of whom studied in Victoria in 2015) are not only important to the visitor industry through their own spending habits, but as a reason for friends and relatives (VFR) to visit Melbourne. As a community, it’s important that we are aware of their needs, travel habits and challenges so we can help them have the best experience possible. Joanne will help us understand this student market and their tourism preferences, as well as the role that international alumni play in tourism development.  This will be a practical insight into how the international education and tourism industries can work together to make the most of, and improve, the international student experience.

Think Like a Visitor: The Traveller with a disability - Bill Forrester 

Bill will provide the motivation and tools to create an accessible environment which enables inclusion for all travellers to partake in their visitor experience. They will be easy to implement strategies that will make experiences equal to all. 


* Please note: 7:00pm finish includes 2 hours of networking drinks and canapes at the RACV Pavillion, from 5.00pm to 7.00pm

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