VTIC webinar VR Marketing for Tourism

Wednesday 13 December
10.30am - 11.30am


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In partnership with VTIC member Virtacom and digital marketing company Webfirm, VTIC will stage their final webinar for 2017.

Understand what 360 virtual marketing is, why Virtual Tours are more effective than video and photos combined and how it has the power to take your business’ marketing activities to the next level.

Virtacom’s Managing Director Jason Swaffield will take us through how to create 360 marketing content, give examples of where it is being used, how it applies directly to your business, and show you the results of virtual media in business today.

The growth of virtual marketing has increased 180% this year alone, so don’t miss out on understanding the most powerful form of  marketing available to your business.

What will your takeaways be?

  • An understanding of why you need virtual media marketing for your business
  • Why it is one of the most effective forms of marketing now available
  • What the best virtual media type is for your business
  • An exclusive VTIC members-only offer (for a limited time) for support from Virtacom in creating your business virtual marketin

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