Working Effectively with Unconscious Bias

31 May 2017
9.00am - 5.00pm


Crowne Plaza Melbourne

1-5 Spencer Street, Melbourne

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A workshop for graduates of the Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP) 2009 to 2016 only.

This full-day workshop is going to be popular, so we will host the same workshop twice.  Join us in either May or November.

Throughout 2016 we have run a series of breakfast and evening i4 Neuroleader workshops.  2016 participants have learnt practical ways to enhance their cognitive capabilities, crucial for success in all aspects of life. In 2017, our facilitator Mel Neil, will be rolling out an exciting new topic: Working effectively with Unconscious Bias. We'll take a look at things we might not consciously recognise, that impact how we think, react and make choices.

We all operate under the influence of biases every moment of every day. It does not make us a bad person; it actually just makes us human. It is the way our brain works efficiently. By attending this workshop, you will not only have a better understanding of what you think, but of how you think.

·         What is bias and why is it so essential to us as human beings?

·         How does the brain process bias?

·         How does unconscious bias affect some of the most fundamental aspects of our lives?

·         How can we learn about our own individual and collective biases?

·         How can we reprogram our responses so we can make better choices for ourselves, our organisations and our communities?

This workshop is completely new content for all participants. It is also not reliant upon previous attendance or material covered in any year of MTLP for full understanding and relevance.

Cost and inclusions

$300 including GST.  Includes facilitation, workshop materials, morning and afternoon tea and lunch


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