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Melbourne LIVE 2018 is happening on 31 May at Arts Centre Melbourne.

The Melbourne LIVE Tourism Forum returns in 2018 for its third year, bringing the concepts of Leadership, Innovation and the Visitor Experience to the fore once again under the central theme, UNDER THE SKIN.

Melbourne is renowned for being a bold, creative city with depth and edge. When visitors get under the skin of our city and its diverse neighbourhoods, they will encounter rich layers of multicultural history, fascinating locals and unique stories. Dig deep and visitors will discover authentic local experiences that create an emotive connection to both place and to self.

As we move into a future of automation and potential social disconnection, finding the balance between human connections and technology is increasingly important.

This year, Melbourne LIVE will focus on creating meaningful experiences for our visitors, through the thoughtful use of design, story, digital harmony, empathy, play and meaning. Let’s delve under the skin and explore how to use these elements to surprise and captivate our visitors.



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