Melbourne LIVE 2018 Program

Dynamic and influential speakers at the cutting edge of innovation and progress

What's happening at Melbourne LIVE 2018?

Step inside Arts Centre Melbourne, for Melbourne LIVE 2018. Arts Centre Melbourne is currently showcasing The Australian Music Vault. What better way to celebrate our partnership with this venue, than with a homage to the Vault in song! We're naming our Melbourne LIVE sessions after iconic Australian songs. Which ones do you recognise?

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It's a Long Way to the Top - Burkhard Kieker

We all love a good underdog story of persistence against all odds, fighting with grit to reach the pinnacle of success. Berlin’s comeback story is the ultimate underdog tale. Before the Fall of the Wall, Berlin had virtually disappeared from the map. Cut off from international visitors, only a glimmer of the city's former grandeur and vitality remained. Now in 2018, Berlin welcomes more than 12.96 million visitors and 31 million overnight stays per year.

The tourism resurgence has transformed Germany’s capital into an energetic epicentre of culture and cool. Berlin has more museums than rainy days per year and there are over 1,000 late night Spätis (stores) – testament to the attraction of Berlin as an exciting 365 days a year, 24-hour destination. Innovative marketing strategies by Visit Berlin has elevated Berlin to a top European destination – ranked third after London and Paris. But with Berlin now boasting one of the highest tourism growth rates in the world, the next challenge is how to combat the potential for over-tourism in the city that doesn’t sleep. Allow Burkhard Kieker to take you under the skin of this urban tourism hub and share his grand plans.  

You're the Voice - Lauren Quaintance

Get under the skin of some of Melbourne’s most unique visitor experiences, through the stories of the locals who have created them.

These stories serve as reminders that we live in an age of short attention spans in a crowded and changing market.

How do you make sure that your story doesn’t fall on deaf ears? We’ll introduce you to Lauren Quaintance, the co-founder of Storyation, talented writer, and one of Australia’s most highly regarded travel content marketers.

Lauren will show you how to generate original ideas to bring the essence of your story to life in a meaningful way that will resonate with your visitors.  

It’s never been more important to find your voice to create stories that entice visitors, drive the buzz around word of mouth and keep people coming back.  

The Real Thing - Simon Waller

The pace of technological innovation is staggering. There’s no doubt our habits, our industries and our very existence have all been radically transformed by technology in such a short time. 

Tourism is no different, and as we keep pace with new technology, we can transform the visitor experience. Sure, technology can be effective and helpful, but so are people. What if it was about using technology to enhance the real, connected, human experiences that your business already has? 

Simon Waller shows us what technology can do to help tourism operators provide experiences that are more meaningful, and ultimately more human. With Simon as your guide, you can shed your fears about new tech and look at it through a very grounded, very human lens.

Under the Milky Way - A Panel with: Dan Koerner, Donna McColm & Patrick Donovan

With all night public transport on weekends and an enviable late-night liquor license, the stage is set to ramp up our night time economy. This session will explore innovative ways to get all year-round after dark engagement in our live music venues, galleries and attractions across our suburbs. We will explore non-conventional activations that draw upon non-traditional collaborations aimed to entice an after-dark crowd and boost visitor spend. 

Merry-go-round - Daniel Teitelbaum

The study of Play hasn’t been taken very seriously, ever, and yet it is the primary way that humans and animals learn to navigate and manipulate our environment and relate to others. When we create new things, or find innovations in the work we do, we take a playful approach; remaining open, flexible and highly engaged with what we are doing.

Every organisation wants to be innovative, creative and to stand out in the market. We want engaged customers whose needs are met while they are surprised and delighted by the experience they’ve received.

It’s time to learn about the power of play and how it can enhance everything you do. it’s something that can be fun and easy with the right tools. Drawing on playful innovations in tourism around the world, and utilising concepts from play theory, play science, theatre and game design, this session will show you how you can rethink and redesign your work, offering fun, unique and meaningful experiences to visitors. 

Lime Tree Arbour - Neil McCarthy

When in a destination, more and more travellers are seeking immersive, playful and active connections with nature, for health and wellness purposes. 

With the large majority of people experiencing sedentary lives, stress, social isolation, pollution and nature deprivation in their everyday lives back home, there’s never been a greater incentive to build meaningful and playful ways for visitors to engage with our parks in Melbourne. 

Nature is essential to human health and wellbeing. We are all part of the natural world. This has been known by Indigenous peoples for thousands of years. There is overwhelming research into the positive effects of nature on wellness. Allow Neil to share interesting stories of park and wellness innovations and activations from all over the world. Neil will inspire us to re-imagine the role of our natural assets in providing a balanced and ‘under the skin’ experience for our visitors. 

The Best Thing - Mykel Dixon

Rapid social and cultural changes mean that our lives are becoming more digitized, sanitised and impersonal. As businesses seek to measure, automate and scale every inch of the customer journey, are we losing meaning?

Join Mykel Dixon as he explores how to craft meaningful customer experiences that connect, inspire and last.

In this session, you might be surprised to see some solutions hidden in plain sight. Together, we’ll map out a path for building deep customer relationships and crafting moments that matter. Mykel Dixon challenges us to transform ‘business as usual’ into ‘business as beautiful’. 

Join him in a colourful voyage of discovery that he calls ‘an opportunity for the brave’. Learn how to dream, design and deliver Melbourne’s most meaningful visitor experiences yet.

My Kind of Scene – A panel session with Dr. Gene Bawden, Zoe Meagher and Mike Maka

You can’t underestimate the power of good design in contributing to an impactful experience.  

As a creative city, Melbourne’s culture and vibe is heavily influenced by design in all its forms including urban design, communication design, user experience design (UX), public art and service design. 

Allow us to introduce you to some influential designers who share their tips for creating meaningful experiences through creative expression and design thinking techniques.  

You will realise the importance of design in shaping a sense of welcome and leaving an enduring impression.

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