MTLP: Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program

Celebrating 10 years!


The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP) is a ground-breaking professional development program giving people with a demonstrated interest in tourism an opportunity to grow as leaders within the industry. 

MTLP won the RACV Victorian Tourism Award for Best Training and Education Program in 2012, 2016 and most recently, won the silver award for Training and Education Program in 2017.

The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program is sponsored by Melbourne Airport and supported by Visit Victoria and City of Melbourne.


On its tenth year, the vision for MTLP is to continue to develop leaders from across the visitor industry who have the passion and drive to provide ongoing leadership for Melbourne and Victoria. The primary focus will be on giving people the tools they need to be more effective leaders.

Applications for MTLP 2018 are now closed.

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MTLP Graduate 

Once the Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program has been completed, graduates are invited to join the MTLP Graduate Series, an ongoing program of support developed to offer further training and social and networking opportunities. 

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Destination Melbourne Board Observer 

The DM Board Observer position enables one Graduate to undertake a 12-month position as a non-voting observer on the Destination Melbourne Board

Destination Melbourne offered this initiative for the first time in 2016 and David McCarthy, Acting Director Business Development, Melbourne Convention Bureau for the 12-month period. Read about David's experience here

In 2017, we were pleased to offer the position to Milton Collins. Milton has sat on the Board from April 2017 to February 2018. 

We look forward to announcing our 2018 Board Observer soon.

The successful graduate observes (a non-voting member) meetings of the Destination Melbourne Board and attends six bi-monthly meetings.

During this period the MTLP Observer will learn about fundamental principles and functions of not for profit boards, the roles of board members, fiscal processes and other governance priorities. This program provides first-hand exposure of the role of a Board and its decision making, as well as targeted professional development to give the Observer important skills for their future careers as board members.

MTLP Visitability Ambassador

Destination Melbourne would like to congratulate Anita Monticone from Parks Victoria. Anita is the 2018 MTLP Visitability Ambassador, announced at the 2017 MTLP Graduation ceremony.

Anita voluntarily undertook an extension to the MTLP program, to submit a report evaluating the Wilsons Promontory National Park against the five pillars of Visitability: Sense of Welcome; Inclusivity; Communication; Technology and Transport. 

Her recommendations to improve Visitability are insightful, and if fully implemented would further Parks Victoria's position as a visitor-friendly business.

Steph Hopton was the inaugural MTLP Visitability Ambassador, announced at the 2016 MTLP Graduation ceremony.

Steph submitted a report evaluating the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) against the five pillars of Visitability. 

Her 12-month action plan to address opportunities is ambitious yet realistic, and if fully implemented would further MCEC’s position as a visitor-friendly destination.

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