Goals of MTLP

What you can expect to get out of the Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program

The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP) is a leadership course designed for people with a positive interest in the future of Melbourne’s - and Victoria's - visitor industry. It is a great opportunity for tourism and hospitality industry professionals to build networks, refine their leadership skills and be an active part of Melbourne’s future growth as a global visitor destination.

MTLP Goals

  • Provide individuals with the emotional intelligence and management tools they need to be more effective leaders.
  • Increase personal, business and the collective wellbeing of leaders and their teams.
  • Develop collective leadership in the Melbourne visitor industry.
  • Provide practical learning opportunities for industry leaders.
  • Generate commitment to sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

MTLP graduate testimonials

MTLP Content

  • Values
  • Time management
  • Behavioural drivers
  • Self-awareness
  • Emotional intelligence; managing, perceiving, using and understanding emotions
  • Positive leadership and communication strategies
  • Coaching
  • Goal setting

What can you expect to get out of MTLP?

  • MTLP will equip you with the emotional intelligence and management tools you need to be a more effective leader
  • It will help you to develop strong networks with like-minded industry professionals
  • It will assist you in increasing your personal and professional wellbeing
  • It will expose you to a number of tourism destinations and other leaders in the industry.
MTILP Graduate Julie Nixon
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