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Testimonials from MTLP graduates

"Participating in MTLP has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. The content provided was able to help me contextualise many thoughts, emotions and scenarios I had previously experienced. The skills and tools that are taught are profound, but surprisingly simple to implement. My  learning has also had a positive impact on those around me - from where I was at the start of the year to where I am now is vastly different, from floundering and a little insecure to confident and driven with clarity.

Can’t thank Destination Melbourne and of course Mel enough for the opportunity to be a part of an amazing program that everyone should consider applying for.”

  • Peter Wallace, Searoad Ferries (MTLP class of 2018)

“Participating in the MTLP program was an amazing opportunity; it challenged me, my thoughts, values, relationships and roles. It has provided me with practical learning, while being supported with relevant and relatable information and tools.

I had the pleasure of meeting some amazing people, develop a deeper understanding of the tourism industry and some of its destinations, but for me the thing I am most grateful for, is the opportunity, tools and support that MTLP has provided me with. These mean that I can better manage myself and now challenge the idea of what I am truly capable.” 

  • Jade Cranton, Phillip Island Nature Parks (MTLP class of 2017)


"My immediate work colleagues are benefiting from MTLP, as I have been able to share different models about leadership, emotional intelligence and mindfulness with them. I am also able to utilise these skills with colleagues throughout the wider tourism and local government industries and have applied a number of new techniques in a range of meetings. 

Specifically I have revisited the allocation of my time and have revisited a previous technique to use of my time more productively. This has had a  positive effect on my work/life balance and contributes in a positive way to what I can achieve at work and what I can contribute to my community."

  • Janine Hayes, Destination Gippsland (MTLP class of 2016)

"When I started this leadership course I was looking for a chance to renew and review my career, where I was headed and how I could re-focus my skills and experience within the tourism industry and also within Parks Victoria.

MTLP really is a journey. It's a chance to check yourself, where your priorities are and how you move forward with the confidence you are aligned with your values. I've also been able to grow my leadership skills quite significantly and I feel as though I'm a much stronger and more effective leader within my company. The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program has been by far one of the best things I've done for both myself and my career in tourism."

  • Jarred Parsons, Parks Victoria (MTLP class of 2015)

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(MTLP) has been by far one of the best things I've done for both myself and my career in tourism. Jarred Parsons, Parks Victoria (MTLP class of 2015)

"The skills and knowledge that I have gained at MTLP would not otherwise be attainable for people like myself based in a regional area. As a result, the skills knowledge and techniques along with the networking opportunities will play a big role in helping myself grow our visitor market in Greater Shepparton. One example of this is how the emotional intelligence techniques we learnt are helping pave the way for our team-first approach to the new Shepparton destination brand roll out. 

The Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program will ultimately put me in a position to lead the tourism efforts of Greater Shepparton in a more structured, contemporary and efficient manner. The skills developed will help influence development of council staff which will ultimately make a better organisation meaning a better experience for visitors to Shepparton and the region."

  • Anthony Nicolaci, Greater Shepparton City Council (MTLP class of 2016)

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"I have mentioned on a number of occasions to people within the industry that MTLP is hands-down the best training program that I have participated in. Not only does it help to improve leadership skills, it is an excellent platform for networking with others. A lot of the skills that I have learnt has helped me in day-to-day business, and I’m confident that these skills assisted me in getting promoted to a Director level, and a member of the Leadership Team of my organisation."

  • David McCarthy, Melbourne Convention Bureau (MTLP class of 2014)
MTLP is hands-down the best training program that I have participated in. David McCarthy, Melbourne Convention Bureau (MTLP class of 2014)
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