Why MTLP for your staff?

How employers will benefit from having a MTLP leader in the team

Professional development is integral for the up-skilling and retention of your best staff, so it's important that employers can see the tangible and intangible benefits of a leadership course like the Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP). Based on the feedback from Graduates, here are the top ways MTLP can be of benefit to your business:

Identification and understanding of personal values

Values are the guiding principles by which we live our lives, affecting our decision making ability. Everyone has a set of values, but have you ever identified what those are? From the first workshop, participants recognise their values, how they are led by their values and how their values impact their leadership capabilities. This gives participants a valuable navigation system allowing them to live by the values that serve them best. Being aware of one's values can help:

  • Enhance self-awareness and effectively navigate personal priorities
  • Gain a deeper understanding of interpersonal relationships and manage conflict more effectively
  • Add clarity in decision-making
  • Set goals for both professional and personal environments.

Fostering positive leadership

Participants learn to cultivate a positive leadership through communication, relationships and by creating a positive environment. This improves performance including increased productivity, higher employee morale and a healthier workplace culture. A positive leadership also eliminates barriers; resolves problems and builds strong workplace relationships. 

Part of a strong collaborative network

Over the course of MTLP a lot of time is spent with fellow participants from across the tourism, hospitality and local government industries. Knowledge, thoughts and ideas are communicated and discussed giving each participant shared experiences with their classmates. 

With the Program limited to 25 participants each year - drawn from across Greater Melbourne and regional Victoria - MTLP's graduate network has now over 200 leaders. After graduating, the 2019 alumni will continue to be provided with networking opportunities with their classmates and previous years' participants. 

Confidence to better lead others

Participants stated a better understanding of other people and their emotions as a key outcome of the program. The tools explored throughout MTLP equip participants with the confidence to understand and lead those around them and increase their compassion. Participants are strongly encouraged to share their MTLP learnings with colleagues so the benefits have a wide reach in any team.

Increased effectiveness

According to past participants and their employers, MTLP results in an increased focus and ability to drive and take on larger and more complex projects. A better understanding of Melbourne's visitor industry ensures a greater focus on the visitor experience with more emotionally aware leaders being able to manage a variety of situations and make better decisions for themselves and their business. 

Greater sense of purpose

Having identified and understood values, increased effectiveness, gained a strong network and having the confidence to better lead others, a greater sense of purpose results. The final workshop covers goal setting, and with all the knowledge gained in mind, participants are able to go forward assured in their abilities, ready to lead and influence the industry. 

MTILP Graduate Linda Crittenden

Employer testimonial

"Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine (previously Geelong Otway Tourism) has benefited immensely from the knowledge and wisdom that MTLP has instilled in our participants of the program. Since 2010 there has been a senior staff member take part in the program annually. This has allowed the management team to enact an emotional intelligence culture that has ensured a positive mindset and critical thinking approach. From our strategy setting to our everyday work, strategies and techniques learnt from MTLP are applied. This has further helped the local tourism industry work through programs and strategies to ensure a positive culture is instilled into our region."

  • Brett Ince, former Deputy Executive Director, Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine
From our strategy setting to our everyday work, strategies and techniques learnt from MTLP are applied. Brett Ince, former Deputy Executive Director, Tourism Greater Geelong and The Bellarine

Partner testimonial

"MTLP powerfully upskills today's leaders providing them with the skills, networks and perspectives to drive ongoing success in their individual businesses and the industry as a whole."

  • Carly Dixon, Melbourne Airport
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