Working to make Melbourne the world’s most ‘Visitable’ city

When Melbourne was first named the world's ‘most liveable city’ in 2011, we started a discussion about what it would take for Melbourne to be recognised as the world’s ‘most visitable city’. From this came the term ‘visitability’ - a concept focused on improving the critical services at every point of the visitor journey in Melbourne and across Victoria – and the creation of Destination Melbourne’s Visitability Program.

The program is led by representatives from Destination Melbourne, City of Melbourne, Transport for Victoria, Parks Victoria, the Professional Tour Guides Association, Travellers Aid Australia, Tourism Accommodation Australia and the Committee for Melbourne.

Visitability Starts With Us! Here's How

Meet some of the businesses helping to make Melbourne the World's Most Visitable City

The Five Pillars of Visitability 

Five key factors were identified as having a significant impact on an outstanding visitor experience and journey.

  • Sense of Welcome 
  • Technology 
  • Communication,
  • Transport 
  • Inclusivity.

We focus on these pillars to help guide businesses in their delivery and development of positive and valuable visitor experiences.

Our thanks to Transport for Victoria, for their support of the Visitability program.

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