Visitability Case Study - Transport

Yarra Trams

Melbourne’s trams are one of the most memorable experiences of a holiday in Melbourne

In 2012, Yarra Trams recognised that significant opportunities were available to work more closely with industry and local government in enhancing integrated services, passenger information, access to ticketing and connectivity within Greater Melbourne. As such, Yarra Trams believes it has a major role to play in the Visitability of the city. As a result, they have begun a journey to transform the iconic network into a modern light rail system offering world class service to passengers.


In 2009 Keolis Downer (KDR) became the new franchisee of Melbourne’s tram network. One of the first actions KDR implemented was to encourage all employees from the top down to adopt a “think like a passenger” approach. This important message has driven a new focus on the passenger experience. Since this time the journey has touched all areas of the business from the ground up.

Another key to Yarra Trams’ success has been a review of the structure of the business, placing a key focus on the customer experience. As a century old industry it was important to make sure the staff were in place to do the work needed to be responsive to key customers. Important customer focused areas include unplanned disruptions, personal security and passenger information for new users such as international and regional visitors.

Recently, another significant priority has been to elevate and transform the role of the depot manager from an operational people manager to the local face of the business, responsible for the day-to-day experience of local passengers and community alike. By doing this Yarra Trams hopes to maintain a valuable link between our users and a level in the business which can take action and listen to the needs of the people it serves.

Collaboration has been a major focus. Key stakeholders such as Public Transport Victoria and local councils have been instrumental in Yarra Trams’ plan to deliver significant change. Importantly, this is an ongoing vision that clearly focuses on the passenger, the visitor and the community. Continuous improvement is what will deliver these outcomes into the future.

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