Visitability Case Study - Technology

Pullman Hotels - Melbourne on the Park & Melbourne Albert Park Hotel


Pullman hotels and resorts are designed for guests who are digitally native, business savvy and experience obsessed. They’re on trend, brand conscious, looking for unique style, service, food and fashion.  For the Pullman guest, travelling doesn’t mean losing touch, they’re busy professionals: hyper-connected entrepreneurs sending and receiving emails, texts and updates as often as their projects and needs demand.

With the continued investment in technology, leisure guests and the business and conference delegates can meet, rejuvenate and stay connected.

The following Case Study features the developments that have enabled Pullman to set a strong example in the provision of Digital Connectivity and exemplifies their commitment to leading in innovation.


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In Pullman Hotels, connectivity is everywhere, all the time – it is a fully-fledged concept, a high-speed experience, both enjoyable and efficient. These days, business is conducted in the lobby and beside the swimming pool as well as in the meeting room, and modern-day adventurers like to keep an eye on their social life and both eyes on their business. These days, connectivity is an essential, not an option. 

This need for connectivity is reflected on the hotels’ websites, which clearly prioritise and highlight the room’s digital connection features. It is also reflected in both properties with a dedicated connectivity lounge which combines innovative design and Microsoft powered technology so guests can stay 100% connected with 0% stress.  The Pullman Melbourne on the Park is planning to launch a new connectivity area as part of their lobby transformation, with a focus on creating a comfortable and inspiring environment for the business guest with flexible seating options and several connections points.

For the business guest attending a conference,  Co-Meeting by Pullman takes a new age approach to the design and implementation of any event with tailored packages for the digital needs of clients and delegates to ensure the success of a meeting, conference or event. 

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Both Pullman Melbourne on the Park and Pullman Melbourne Albert Park have identified the importance of connections for customers, but also the connection between the hotel and guest. With this in mind, both properties use a tool called Local Measure, a leading customer intelligence platform in the tourism and hospitality sectors. This tool helps both Pullmans discover their customers on social media in real-time and allows them to operationalise customer data, thereby improving the customer experience and driving advocacy:

  • Helps to discover social media posts and feedback in real-time for unparalleled customer insights
  • Helps to drive brand advocacy word of mouth by interacting directly with loyal and influential guests, as well as provide timely responses and effectively solve service issues before they become public brand risks
  • Helps to display the best user-generated content on our websites to showcase experiences through the eyes of real visitors
  • Helps to gain valuable insight into trends, performance, and sentiment at a location level to find out where our business excels and where it can improve
  • Saves time with smart rules-based workflows to send important alerts and notifications to the right person, at the right time. Transform digital insights into real-world actions
  • Ability to access and manage our social media anytime, anywhere with Local Measure’s mobile app.

Other digital connectivity features:

  • Accor App
  • Digital compendiums & smart TVs