Visitability Ambassador

Anita Monticone from Parks Victoria

Meet our Visitability Ambassador

Each year, Destination Melbourne acknowledges and announces a Visitability Ambassador who has undertaken a voluntary research report as part of the Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program.

Destination Melbourne would like to congratulate Anita Monticone from Parks Victoria. Anita is the 2018 MTLP Visitability Ambassador, announced at the 2017 MTLP Graduation ceremony.


Anita voluntarily undertook an extension to the MTLP program, to submit a report evaluating the Wilsons Promontory National Park against the five pillars of Visitability: Sense of Welcome; Inclusivity; Communication; Technology and Transport. 

Her recommendations to improve Visitability are insightful, and if fully implemented would further Parks Victoria's position as a visitor-friendly business.

Read about Anita and her work as the MTLP Visitability Ambassador here.

Steph Hopton was the inaugural MTLP Visitability Ambassador, announced at the 2016 MTLP Graduation ceremony.

Steph submitted a report evaluating the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) against the five pillars of Visitability. 

Her report included a 12-month action plan to address opportunities for MCEC, and was designed to further MCEC’s position as a visitor-friendly destination. Steph has since made some impressive changes to her workplace. Read more here.