Local Councils

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Local Council Engagement Program 

Destination Melbourne plays a key role in supporting the development of tourism at a local government level across Melbourne. Whether you are a council developing a tourism strategy for the first time or an established tourist destination, Destination Melbourne can support you through its range of marketing and industry development activity.

Discover your own backyard (DYOB) Campaign 

DYOB is focused on the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) market. The main objective of the program is to assist local councils in increasing residents’ awareness of the visitor-related products and experiences in their region and encourage them to act as local ambassadors.

Local councils that subscribe to DYOB receive access to exclusive VFR research in addition to a presence on the DYOB website. Councils can also choose from an array of marketing programs to meet their objectives and budgets.

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Industry Events 

Our annual industry events calendar has several key events specific to local government, including quarterly local government tourism meetings, the Local Government Tourism Breakfast in September, and the Global Destinations Forum. In 2016 we will also run Melbourne Tourism Week to celebrate the value of tourism to communities across the city.

All of Destination Melbourne’s products and services can be offered as an annual program of activity tailored to your council’s needs. We can assist with visitor strategy development, marketing campaigns and industry development activities for metropolitan councils and trader groups.

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