Cruise Arrivals Guide

Cruising is one of Melbourne's fastest growing travel sectors, with estimates of 20% year on year growth. In 2014-15, cruise ships arriving into Melbourne were worth at least $130 million, and with cruise ships up to 3.5x larger than they were ten years ago, this figure is expected to rise to $200 million by 2020. The volume of cruise ships in to Station Pier also continues to grow with 82 expected across the 2016-17 cruise ship season. 

While many cruising visitors travel as part of a tour group, approximately 50% are free, independent travellers, meaning they will explore Melbourne their own way. This is where the Cruise Arrivals Guide to Melbourne comes into play.

The Cruise Arrivals Guide is a map and brochure in one, handed out to arrivals at Station Pier and designed to help them plan their shore visit. As the only guide tailored to the needs of cruise ship visitors, it contains public transport information, a series of maps (including one that shows how to reach the CBD from Station Pier) and recommendations for attractions, entertainment, restaurants and shopping itineraries.

Each year, 45,000 copies of the Cruise Arrivals Guide are distributed at the visitor information desk, from brochure stands at Station Pier’s cruise terminal and by inbound shore excursion operators.

Target Audience

  • Cruise ship passengers to Melbourne


  • 45,000 copies per year