Discover Your Own Backyard


Discover Your Own Backyard (DYOB) is an award-winning campaign, uniquely positioned to reach local Melburnians, who are hosting visiting friends and relatives, throughout greater Melbourne.

The campaign encourages locals to become informed hosts by educating them about what is available in their own neighbourhoods, and inspiring them to explore, and discover more with their visiting friends and relatives (VFRs).

For VFRs, their hosts – the people who live in the community – are the greatest influence on what they do while in Melbourne. DYOB works by engaging and connecting with Melburnians to become ambassadors for their neighbourhoods, concentrating visitation and spend locally.

The VFR market is a key driver to the visitor economy in Melbourne. In 2016 is contributed 33% of total visitors and 21% of total visitor expenditure which equated to more than $3 billion*.

*Source: DYOB research report, 2016 – based on Tourism Research Australia data. 


Since 2011, Destination Melbourne has partnered with local councils across greater Melbourne to support and improve the visitor experience.

Participation in the DYOB campaign is now available to businesses and local councils across the wider visitor industry. Individual businesses, events or attractions, to name a few examples, will have the ability to highlight themselves through the DYOB campaign.

Event and business listings on the DYOB site are populated via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse (ATDW). This allows businesses to have ownership over their content and provides the ability to make updates as needed. ATDW listings are free for events and not-for-profits. More information about ATDW click here or ask Yolanda.

Participation in DYOB is by expression of interest. For more information refer to our media kits and speak with a member of our Sales and Partnerships team

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