Video Extras

We offer a range of additional extras to add on to your DYOB video package:

Drone footage (no restrictions/hazards)$440 ex GST per video
Professional drone pilot (restrictions/hazards)Quote available on request
Talent management fee$550 ex GST per video
Different music tracks (for combo of 3 Snacks)$660 ex GST
Unbranded video $125 ex GST
Exported for cinema$600 ex GST
Exported for TVQuote available on request
High res, post produced photos – single$90 ex GST
High res, post produced photos – combo of 10$800 ex GST (one photo free)


  •  Photography to be captured at the location/s on the runsheet only, whilst on the shoot.
  • Social media-quality (72 dpi) photos are rendered from video footage captured on the day.
  • High res photos are shot separately from video footage (on a DSLR camera). Time from the runsheet must be allocated to this. If extra time is required to capture all briefed imagery, this will be quoted/invoiced separately.
  • All rates subject to change pending third party contract.