A plan for Greater Melbourne - CEO Message July 2016


One of Destination Melbourne’s leading strategic goals within our 2015-18 Strategic Plan is to develop a city-wide Destination Management Visitor Plan for Greater Melbourne.

During our strategic planning process last year we identified that Greater Melbourne does not have its own dedicated strategic management plan, a specific roadmap on how to enhance, strengthen and build our visitor economy for the long term.

This gap became acutely evident last year when the State Government requested industry submissions and key strategies to inform their Victorian Visitor Economy Review. Most Victorian regions were able to submit their Destination Management Plans while Melbourne was not in that position.

I’m pleased to announce that we have secured committed support from 24 local councils across Melbourne and from our State Government partners, Visit Victoria and Public Transport Victoria, to develop Greater Melbourne’s first comprehensive Destination Management Visitor Plan.

The key purpose of this new plan is to strategically identify future developments and improvements in relation to visitor products, experiences and the overall visitor journey in and out of Melbourne.

The future development of this strategy will commence in August and will involve a dedicated consumer research component and key industry stakeholder workshops. We expect the plan to be finalised within 12 months.

We will apply our Visitability lens during the development of this plan as we evaluate the visitor journey and experience in regards to our five key visitor factors of sense of welcome, digital connectivity, accessibility, integrated messaging and public transport networks.

Melbourne’s ongoing evolution is at a pivotal point. To capitalise on this expected growth in the visitor economy over the next 10 years (download Tourism Research Australia’s revised forecasts for more ), our city needs a well-defined visitor strategy to be developed not just for the inner city region but for all of Greater Melbourne to encourage visitor growth and dispersal.