Destination Melbourne welcomes new MTLP board observer Milton Collins

Recently we offered graduates of our award-winning Melbourne Tourism Leadership Program (MTLP) a 12-month position as a non-voting observer on the Destination Melbourne Board to provide ongoing professional development opportunities.

Destination Melbourne Chair Sarah Seddon and CEO Laura Cavallo are pleased to announce that Milton Collins, former CEO of Federation Square’s Transport Hotel Complex, was the successful applicant and will join the board this month.

From a strong pool of applicants, Milton was the leading candidate who impressed the interview panel with his strategic thinking and passion for the industry. Milton also displayed a keen interest to deepen his understanding of board’s strategic oversight and fiduciary responsibility. As Board observer, Milton will attend six bi-monthly Destination Melbourne board meetings, which will provide him with first-hand exposure of the governance role a Board plays and its decision making process.

Milton described the value he found in the MTLP program, “Not only did MTLP provide excellent networking opportunities but it inspired me to reassess and further develop my management and leaderships skills. The importance of emotional intelligence and mindfulness has always been important to me but MTLP allowed me to develop a far greater understanding and learn better skills to implement. This has been invaluable in everyday decision making and motivation of team members”.

Milton has had a very varied career in management consulting, running the successful Campaspe House Hotel in Woodend, Transport Hotel Complex and is currently Managing Director of Glenbroch Consulting. 

“I have reached a stage in my career where Board representation is vital to my professional and personal development. The opportunity to be involved with Destination Melbourne as an MTLP observer will allow me to learn and develop more governance skills as well as provide a platform for ongoing networking and industry involvement” said Milton.

We welcome Milton to the Destination Melbourne Board.