​Five ways to reach more visitors, more often. Expand your digital presence

Five ways to reach more visitors, more often. 

1. Get listed on the Australia’s largest tourism database - ATDW

The name is certainly a mouthful, but there’s truly no better way to ensure your business is on key tourism websites than via the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse or ATDW.  

ATDW is the online hub of tourism information, created by Tourism Australia along with State and territory tourism organisations.  

The best thing about ATDW is that one single listing can quickly multiply into many, many more touchpoints. This is because websites such as Australia’s official consumer website – Australia.com and Victoria’s official consumer website – visitvictoria.com draw on information from these ATDW listings, to populate their own sites with rich and valuable content.

It’s an effective and simple way for you to promote your business to visitors and to further enhance your online presence.

If you’re a not-for-profit or an event, ATDW listings are free!  For everyone else it is a very reasonable $250 inc GST per year, and you are totally in charge of the content and updates about your business.

Listing on ATDW is the first easy step that can open the door to other digital marketing opportunities with Destination Melbourne.

Here are some of them, below.

2. Reach the visiting friends and relatives market with ‘Discover Your Own Backyard’

Your ATDW listing has the power to place your business on our newly relaunched Discover Your Own Backyard website. The best ambassadors for Melbourne, are Melburnians themselves. That’s why DYOB is focused on the visiting friends and relatives (VFR) market, to give locals plenty to see and do when their friends and family are in town.

Did you know that VFR’s are contributing $3 billion per year to Melbourne’s visitor economy?

For these types of visitors, their hosts are the greatest influence on what they do while in Melbourne. DYOB promotes a sense of localhood, and celebrates those hidden gems right in your own backyard.

Your ATDW listing is where we source the content for DYOB.  We’re about to relaunch our Discover Your Own Backyard website, with opportunities across social media, short video, and e-news. 

Find out more here.

3. Reach thousands more regional Victorians with 'Melbourne Now'

You may already be familiar with the Melbourne Now print magazine, but did you know Melbourne Now also offers digital marketing opportunities?

Created to inspire regional Victorians to visit Melbourne and convert their day visits into overnight stays, Melbourne Now was developed following extensive market research. Our digital platforms for Melbourne Now include themed e-Newsletters and tactical digital campaigns covering opportunities across Melbourne Now social media and the Melbourne Now website. Your ATDW listing is the key to unlocking all of these! 

If you are not a participating advertiser, you might be selected for an editorial listing, provided you have an ATDW listing.

4. Reach 40,000 regional Victorians with our monthly e-Newsletters paired with social posts.

Sent monthly, our themed e-newsletters are another way for you to use your ATDW listing to reach regional Victorians. Individual listings within the newsletter link back to your product listing on melbournenow.com.au. E-newsletter content can also be found month round on the site under the section titled ‘Featured’. Options include listings paired with social media posts, or an exclusive advertorial paired with social media.

Find out more here.

5. Reach regional Victorians online with our all digital tactical campaign for Summer 2018/19

Miss the boat on our Winter tactical campaign? Don’t worry, we’re already taking a waiting list for our Summer 2018/19 all digital tactical campaign. We offer 12 businesses the opportunity to be showcased online, targeting regional Victorians across paid search, social media and display advertising, along with organic social media and competition. The opportunity to become one of these 12 tactical partners is limited to 6 hotels, and 6 experiences, shows or attractions.

Our Winter tactical campaign sold out, so make sure you're ready for the next opportunity. Ensure your ATDW listing is up to date, so that you can take part.

Find out more about tactical marketing campaigns.

All of these digital marketing opportunities are available to you through your ATDW listing.

Contact our expert Yolanda to get started.