Keeping Melbourne moving: New tram timetables for Melbourne

On 1 May 2017, Yarra Trams, in collaboration with PTV, will deliver the first major change to Melbourne’s tram timetable in more than three years. 

The new timetable responds to the growing requirements of our city, providing larger trams where and when they’re needed most and adjusting journey times to reflect increasing congestion. This will more evenly spread services at locations where demand is highest, so that passengers are waiting less between trams. 

The new timetable will cover all tram routes, meaning updated information will be available across the network to help you plan your journey. This is a great time to make sure any websites or publications that reference how to get to your location are up to date and reflective of these updates.

On 1 May two significant Route updates will also take place: the introduction of the Route 58 and the extension of the Route 6.

The new Route 58

Route 58 will run from Toorak to West Coburg via William Street, merging Route 8 and Route 55. 

This new route will improve services to the city’s inner west and north-west where demand for trams is highest, and help congestion impacts on Swanston Street. Low-floor trams will also be delivered to the Parkville hospital precinct, Melbourne Zoo & north-west suburbs for first time.

The new Route 58 will also enable the delivery of the Metro Tunnel, with new track at the west end of Toorak Road being constructed later this year. This will allow trams to continue keeping Melbourne moving while works for this significant project proceed. 

Currently catch Route 8? 

From 1 May, should you wish to travel along St Kilda Road and Swanston Street in the CBD rather than William street, a quick and accessible interchange will be available at Stop 20 Domain Interchange. Simply board any tram headed to the city! Should you wish to travel along Lygon street north of Melbourne University, the Route 6 will take you there!

An extended Route 6

Route 6 from Glen Iris will be extended from Melbourne University to Moreland Station via Lygon Street. This route extension will provide more capacity along Lygon Street at the busiest times compared to this time last year, in response to increasing patronage. 

PTV and Yarra Trams will be undertaking a comprehensive update to their websites and apps to ensure passengers will be able to accurately plan their journey and arrive at their destinations on time. New network maps will be made available, and a range of printed resources will be distributed on-board. 

For more information, please visit or contact PTV on 1800 800 007