Businesses reap benefits of new tourism campaign

Since launching at the Superbowl, Tourism Australia’s latest campaign has delivered a huge surge in visitation to the website, Australia’s official destination website. The site has already delivered over 33,000 leads to Australian tourism businesses. Here's how you could be one of them. 

The easiest way to make sure that your business benefits from the reach and engagement being generated by this campaign, is to ensure that you are listed on the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. It is an online database of tourism information, and is where draws its information and content from.

In Victoria alone, more than 50 key tourism websites draw on ATDW listing content, providing you with organic traffic and valuable links from many highly credible tourism websites including and

To further assist businesses, Tourism Australia has released a short pdf document detailing how tourism businesses can get involved in the campaign, stay updated and submit content across TA’s multi-channel approach. Tourism Australia works closely with the Australian tourism industry to host up to 1,000 journalists, digital influencers, opinion leaders and television crew members from around 25 countries each year.

If you have already renewed your ATDW listing, good job! Make sure you check the ‘internationally ready’ box on your ATDW listing to be included on

Don’t forget, you can update your ATDW listing at any time, so why not login now and make sure your listing is displaying your most up to date content.

As the tourism industry body for metropolitan Melbourne, Destination Melbourne is here to help businesses grow their presence across the visitor industry. We work closely with you to aid in the creation of your ATDW listing so that there is a variety of valuable content online to help display all the best that Melbourne has to offer.

Take advantage of the buzz being created by Tourism Australia's new campaign.

The campaign targets visitors from the USA, and is the largest in over 30 years. The AUD$36 million campaign is aimed at supercharging interest, bookings and spend by American visitors.

The campaign was aired at the Superbowl, initially giving the appearance of an official film trailer for a new Crocodile Dundee movie. The sixty second TA visual then switches into a showcase for Australian tourism.

How can I find out more?

Fact sheet on ATDW

Fact sheet on tips to make the most of your listing

Fact sheet on Tourism Australia’s current USA campaign

To explore all the elements of the new campaign visit and

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