Destination Melbourne to co-ordinate Melbourne Airport volunteers

Destination Melbourne to Co-ordinate Airport Volunteers

Destination Melbourne is proud to announce its new partnership with Melbourne Airport, which will see the city’s premier visitor industry authority take on co-ordination of the Customer Care Volunteer Program (CCVP) at the airport.

The CCVP began in 2012. Uniformed volunteers help visitors with information and practical needs while at the airport, as well as a friendly face and a warm welcome to the world’s most liveable city.

With Destination Melbourne taking an integral role in coordinating the program a much greater emphasis will be placed on tourism information across the entire airport.

“Destination Melbourne is focused on enhancing the visitor experience across our city, which in this case starts at Melbourne Airport – the gateway to Victoria. Our unique position in the visitor industry allows us to work closely with staff and volunteers to ensure that visitors feel a sense of welcome and volunteers feel highly valued” said Laura Cavallo, CEO, Destination Melbourne.

“Our role will be to oversee the day to day operations of the program on behalf of Melbourne Airport. Importantly, we’ll be encouraging all current volunteers to learn even more about our wonderful city to include general tourism and events in Melbourne. We’re excited to be working with the airport and the great team of volunteers as we make this transition,” said Ms Cavallo.

Melbourne Airport’s Head of Aviation Operations, Katie Cooper, said the CCVP volunteers showed just how proud Melburnians are of their city.

“Melburnians are incredibly proud of their city, whether that’s our reputation for liveability, our un-matched calendar of major events, or our city’s famous icons like the MCG,” said Ms Cooper.

“It’s our goal to be an airport Melbourne can be proud of. We know that’s a lofty ambition, but with the passion our volunteers bring to the airport community we also know it’s a vision that we have plenty of support for.

“We know Destination Melbourne will do a fantastic job of helping our volunteers share their passion for Melbourne with even more passengers in the years ahead,” said Ms Cooper.