Greater Melbourne’s first ever Destination Management Visitor Plan has been launched

Greater Melbourne’s first ever Destination Management Visitor Plan has been launched

This morning, representatives from across Greater Melbourne’s tourism industry gathered to hear Danielle Green, Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism and Major Events officially launch Greater Melbourne’s first Destination Management Visitor Plan.

Melbourne’s first strategic Destination Management Visitor Plan is the result of collaborative efforts between key organisations and industry leaders, working to further Melbourne’s profile as a visitor destination of choice both locally and globally.

Destination Melbourne united with Local Councils from across Greater Melbourne and State Government partners from Visit Victoria, Transport for Victoria, Investor Engagement from the Department of Economic Development, Transport, Resources and Jobs, worked on this strategic city-wide project for the past 18 months.  Grant funding was also received through the Australian Government’s Tourism Demand-Driver Infrastructure Program, administered by the Victorian State Government.

The Plan is structured according to six strategic themes, which provides a list of recommendations to improve and grow the visitor economy not just in inner Melbourne but across Greater Melbourne’s vibrant neighourhoods. This plan is the blueprint to ensure that growth is supported though a collaborative whole-of-industry approach.

The development of the DMVP included detailed stakeholder engagement and intensive visitor research - the largest piece of research ever undertaken of visitors in destination.

Since 2017, 10 workshops and over 60 individual stakeholder consultations were held. This was followed by 35 individual online submissions, over 2500 domestic and international visitor interviews and more than 1800 local Melburnian interviews regarding their role as hosts to visiting friends and relatives. Valuable insights from this research formed the basis of the DMVP and the recommendations within it.

Laura Cavallo, CEO Destination Melbourne, said “At its core, a Destination Management Visitor Plan is a vision for growth and a shared belief that developing our world class destination is not only achievable but also desirable. More than that, the DMVP is the strategic roadmap for how we will get there.”

Greater Melbourne’s unique blend of people, place, lifestyle, parks and gardens, history, sports, food and arts and culture, are what make up the iconic brand that is unmistakably Melbourne.

“Melbourne is changing at a rapid rate. For this city to retain its visitor appeal, we welcome this strategic framework to guide the visitor industry along a path of sustainable growth, collaboration and improved economic outcomes for all tourism and community stakeholders.” concluded Ms Cavallo.

To access the Executive Summary of the DMVP click here.

To see the full version of the DMVP click here.