Melbourne Airport unveils new 85m LED display

Aimed at providing travellers with an inviting experience, the baggage reclaim hall features more than 85m of 2.5mm pixel pitch SiliconCore LED panels, which has been installed at Melbourne Airport’s Terminal 2 baggage carousel.

A collaboration between EngieAV and Grimshaw Architects, the project was launched in order to deliver a new arrival experience for long-haul passengers at the baggage reclaim area. It also ensures that the baggage area meets the growing demand at Terminal 2.

Melbourne Airport Aviation chief Simon Gandy said: “The new carousel is a necessary piece of infrastructure, which will enable the airport to process more international travellers, especially during the peak morning and evening periods. The reality is we are growing at a rapid rate, handling on average 96,000 travellers each day and we need to upgrade our assets across all areas of the airport in order to meet the demands of our passengers.”

The SiliconCore 2.5mm display features a patented common cathode technology that offers high resolution, colour and brightness uniformity. The airport opted for a black and white colour palette to give prominence to the LED ribbon.