Melbourne businesses are talking trash

‘Trash-talk’ was top of the agenda in Melbourne when around 80 retail and hospitality businesses gathered for the central city’s first waste forum.

The forum was championed by City of Melbourne Councillor, Susan Riley who recognised the need to look at ways to assist small to medium sized retail and hospitality businesses reduce waste.

“Reducing waste does so much more than just help to clean up the environment, it also can reduce costs, increase sales and even cut the number of garbage trucks on the city streets,” Councillor Riley said.

The early morning forum was hosted by Melbourne Lord Mayor, Sally Capp, who also moderated a panel of city businesses owners who had already undertaken their own waste reduction campaigns.

“The level of insight and the number of opportunities for businesses to work together to reduce waste is inspiring,” Councillor Riley said.

The forum resulted in over 200 practical ideas and concepts which will now be compiled and reviewed by the City of Melbourne as part of the council’s ongoing programs to assist small and medium businesses in the city.

Participants included businesses involved in the council’s initial pilot program, which saw 27 businesses each receive a $2,000 grant to embark on waste reduction activities.

“We’re working with the city’s retail and hospitality businesses to look at ways to further reduce waste and to stimulate innovative thinking and ideas on how we can better reduce and re-use what we throw away,” Councillor Riley said.

“Nothing is being ruled out, we’re open to all ideas and we want retailers and businesses to share their thoughts as we plan for a rapidly growing city.” concluded Councillor Riley.