Melbourne hands crown to Vienna as World’s Most Liveable City


14 August 2018: For immediate release

Melbourne hands crown to Vienna as World’s Most Liveable City

After holding the title of ‘World’s Most Liveable City’, for an unprecedented seven years in a row, Melbourne has been narrowly edged out of the leading position in the annual Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Global Liveability Index, which was announced today by EIU. Until now, Melbourne has held the leading position longer than any other city in the world. Destination Melbourne congratulates the locals, workers and leaders of the city for their contribution towards Melbourne’s historic high ranking, and this year’s high ranking of second place.

Comparing 140 cities from across the world, the EIU Liveability Ranking assigns a rating across five broad categories, including: stability; healthcare; culture and environment; education; and infrastructure. Melbourne actually out-ranked Vienna in the area of culture and environment with a score of 98.6 above Vienna’s 96.3 for this particular category. 

2018 sees Melbourne named as the second-place holder. With a score of 98.4, Melbourne sits a mere 0.7 of a point behind Vienna and also just a mere 0.7 of a point above Osaka in third place. Sydney sits three places below Melbourne as the fifth most liveable city.

Destination Melbourne’s Chair, Sarah Seddon, sees the benefits in Melbourne’s continued high ranking. “The difference between the top five rankings is extremely close, fractions of a point separate the leaders. No other city has ever held the top ranking for as long as Melbourne did. This has reinforced Melbourne’s position as a global leader, showcasing what liveability can look like and importantly, how to maintain it in the long term,” Ms Seddon said.

Ms Seddon congratulated Vienna on its win. “Both Melbourne and Vienna value the important attributes that make our cities great places to live. They are both safe places for locals and desirable destinations for visitors. In 2013, Destination Melbourne was pleased to host Vienna’s Norbert Kettner, Director of the Vienna Tourist Board, at our Destinations Forum, certainly an inspiring experience for both cities.”

Despite Melbourne’s new position in second place, the visitor economy continues to be a major contributor towards Melbourne’s growing economy, with more than $7.4 billion spent by international overnight visitors for the year ending March 2018. This figure has risen by an average of 10.2% compared to the previous year.*

 “Melbourne’s status as ‘World’s Most Liveable City’, is certainly a contributing factor to growth in tourism and it will continue to build on the factors that made it The World’s Most Liveable City for seven years in a row. The factors that measure liveability are not just important to locals, they are also important to visitors, and that is why the Economist’s official Liveability Ranking is so important to the visitor industry. The liveability measures strongly influence the visitor experience,” Ms Seddon said.

“We are proud of Melbourne’s ranking over time, and of our second-place achievement. Our record for holding the top position longer than any other city is still a lasting legacy and will take at least seven years to break. While this makes us global leaders, it is also important that we maintain and seek to improve Melbourne’s liveability – regardless of our ranking,” concluded Ms Seddon.

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*International Visitor Survey (IVS) results for year ending March 2018 have been released by Tourism Research Australia (TRA)