Push to make Melbourne the golf capital of Australia

Melbourne could become one of the world’s top five “bucket list’’ golf destinations, rivalling international hot spots in a boost to the state economy.

A push to make Victoria Australia’s golf capital will see regular professional tournaments on Melbourne’s major events calendar and a tourism drive to lure visitors to watch and play the game statewide.

PGA Tour vice-president Matt Kamienski said Melbourne could rival the UK and US as a global golf drawcard destination: “There are not many places that have everything ­Melbourne has when it comes to the golf courses but also the city, the events, the food, ­fashion, the fun, entertainment."

After hosting the World Cup of Golf in November 2018 and with the Presidents Cup in 2019 and the Australian Open in 2020 and 2022, Kamienski believes Melbourne has huge scope to lure sports tourists from interstate and overseas.

Melbourne could see a lot more of top golfers such as Aussie Marc Leishman under a push to make the city one of the top five “bucket list’’ golf destinations on earth. Golf visitors contributed about $564 million to Victoria during the year ending ­December 2017 but a new push will market Melbourne's best courses to the world, particularly Asia.