CEO Message - January 2019 - India: The market to watch

India’s strong performance in cricket over summer has been gaining notice but what is probably not well known, is that India’s visitor expenditure in Melbourne is also increasing. After China, India is our most valuable visitor market. 

The India visitor market is definitely one to watch as their spend has increased by 36.3% compared to 2017, and in five years it has grown by 62%. By year ending September 2018, Indian visitors’ total spend was $483 million, and they spent more in our city than in Sydney and Brisbane. India definitely has the potential to grow exponentially, if direct airlines services are secured in the future. 

We all know that China is Melbourne’s number one international visitor market, but targeting this market directly has layers of complexity. I’m excited to share with you that we have decided to launch our own dedicated Melbourne WeChat channel to provide tourism businesses the opportunity to promote their experiences without the hassle of running their own WeChat accounts. This new Destination Melbourne channel, will officially go live in March and full details regarding how you can participate in this channel will be released next week.

By next Friday we will be bidding farewell to Yolanda Baker, our Business Development Coordinator who will be travelling to Nanjing, China to study Mandarin at Nanjing University for six months. 

Yolanda successfully secured the Victorian Government’s Hamer Scholarship, an excellent cultural immersion program to strengthen Asia-engagement, cultural awareness and partnerships. This is an outstanding opportunity for Yolanda’s professional and personal development and she has full intentions to share her cultural knowledge and language skills on her return to Destination Melbourne and our visitor industry. If you are interested to learn more about the 2019 Hamer Scholarship visit their website for further information. Applications open on 11th February for China, Japan, Indonesia and Korea. 

Finally in this newsletter we have more information on Melbourne’s top attractions for our international and domestic markets and the opportunity to attend our innovative Play workshop, which will help businesses to design creative engaging experiences.