Everyone's Moomba: Inclusivity for all

We're excited to reveal that our very own Sharna Crosbie, was part of the Everyone's Moomba campaign, an initiative that strives to make Melbourne a more inclusive place for people with disability.

As part of the Committee for Melbourne's Future Focus Group leadership program and in partnership with City of Melbourne, the initiative aimed to make the Moomba festival a learning experience, with intel gathered on how to make future events a better place for people with disability. 

"We've been working on this project for the past year. Many people with disability face these hurdles everyday when wanting to be active in our community, so this initiative aims to create change," said Sharna. "At the festival, we chatted to people with disability and their carers, asking for feedback on how to improve events and life in general in Melbourne. We got some great insights into how to create a more welcoming and inclusive experience for them going forward." 

With the Moomba festival in particular, the water sport element was singled out as an area with room for improvement: "We realised the Moomba Masters waterski element didn't include people with disability in the program, so we looked to change this. Two champion athletes with disability, Jason Sleep and Sam Bell ended up taking part in the event and were incredibly popular with the crowds." 

Sharna stressed that without collaboration amongst various industry bodies, this initiative could not have taken place. "The City of Melbourne has a real focus on accessibility, and has been very supportive of the activities undertaken. We’ve also had the generous support of organisations including Scope and Association for Children with Disability, Parks Victoria, Novotel Melbourne Central and of course, Committee for Melbourne. We are all working together to create a truly inclusive city we can be proud of."