Melbourne Airport passenger performance January 2019

Record numbers of people arrived internationally last month, as more than 577,000 travellers flew into Melbourne during summer.

The airport also welcomed its largest number of international arrivals on a single day, when almost 21,000 passengers touched down in Melbourne on 28 January 2019.  
Overall international passenger volumes were up by 4.7% compared to figures in January 2018 and financial year-to-date international passenger traffic grew by 7.5% compared to the same time last year.
Domestic travel remained steady, rising by 0.6% compared to traveller numbers in January 2018.
Melbourne Airport CEO Lyell Strambi said it was great to kick-start the year with record-breaking passenger volumes: “Melbourne is continuing to prove that it’s a huge drawcard and we’re pleased to be able to facilitate travel whether it’s for tourism, business or visiting friends and family.”
“This year we have ambitious plans to build on the success of 2018 by upgrading many aspects of the airport to improve the overall traveller experience, catering to our growing passenger volumes which are set to reach almost 70 million people by 2038. We will be working with our tourism partners to attract new carriers and services while focusing on expanding our runway capabilities to ensure we can keep up with demands for air travel,” Strambi added.