Tourism expenditure in Melbourne up for the year ending September 2018

The International and Domestic Visitor Surveys for the year ending September 2018 have revealed upward trends in visitation to Melbourne.

In both the international and domestic markets, total tourism expenditure in Melbourne grew 9.5% year-on-year to $18.1 billion.

International expenditure in Victoria continued to break records to reach $8.3 billion in the year ending September 2018, representing growth of 8.6%. Melbourne did particularly well, with expenditure (9.5%), visitors (6.7%) and nights (6.1%) all recording increases. As a result, Melbourne outperformed the national capital city average (6.9%) and Sydney (3.1%), although behind very strong performances from Brisbane (20.5%) and the Gold Coast (13.3%) which were boosted in this period by the Commonwealth Games and strong growth from China. 

Double-digit increases in spend in Victoria were recorded from Indian (35.5%) and Chinese (20.4%) visitors, driving overall growth in expenditure. Malaysia eclipsed New Zealand to become the third largest market for international spend for Victoria with growth of 7.3%.


In the domestic travel market, visitors and nights in Melbourne increased, although spend was overtaken by domestic overnight visitors to Sydney. Melbourne garnered a 9.4% increase in overnight visitor expenditure, an 11.7% increase in overnight visitors and a 12.5% increase in visitor nights. 

In both the international and domestic markets, total tourism expenditure in Victoria increased 8.6% over the year to reach $28.2 billion.  

Report courtesy of Tourism Research Australia. For the full report, click here