Why you should consider being a part of the Tourism Award Mentoring Program

The Tourism Award Mentoring Program gives Melbourne-based businesses the opportunity to gain help with their RACV Victorian Tourism Awards submission. 2018 participant Ashleigh Romanjuk from Melbourne Private Tours talks about the advantages of being part of the program. 

1. How did the Tourism Awards Mentoring Program meet your expectations? 
It was really beneficial and definitely made our submission 100 times better than it may have been. All the tips on what the judges are looking for, suggestions on structure, and feedback on our first draft was fantastic. 

I liked the structure provided - listening to the modules and doing them bit by bit so that the work involved wasn't too overwhelming. Having a target date for each module helped with managing time. The content provided was really great and gave us a better understanding of what judges are looking for. Also the pointers of being really clear and concise, but writing it like the reader had never heard of your business was important so key info wasn't left out (in case we were assuming the reader knew the info already).

The assistance with the first draft was fantastic, and to be able to get feedback from an outsider's perspective, as well as a judge's opinion, was incredibly worthwhile.

2. What were the main reasons for entering the Tourism Awards? 
We wanted to benchmark the business against other tourism businesses. We saw the Tourism Awards as an opportunity to take a step back and look at the business as a whole, and ensure we were running efficiently, meeting our targets and identify any areas to adjust and improve. It was also a great excuse to showcase our achievements over the past year and celebrate with the industry.

3. What impact has the process of writing the submission had on your business?
Our submission into the Tourism Awards has confirmed all the things we are doing right, but also allowed us to implement some internal procedures such as staff training, and continue to develop projects such as sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment. It took between 100-150 hours to complete the submission so it was quite an effort! 

4. Is Melbourne Private Tours planning to enter the Awards this year again?
Possibly, we haven’t decided yet.

5. What does Melbourne Private Tours offer?
Melbourne Private Tours is a full-service, luxury private day touring operator, inspired by a thirst to share the renowned and hidden corners of Victoria. The company was built upon a foundation of creativity and passion for travel and adventure, culinary delights, and discovering the sophistication of Melbourne and the pleasures of regional Victoria. MPT offer a range of carefully crafted itineraries and provide guests with the opportunity to fully customise their experience to suit their individual needs. Tours are suitable for individuals, families and groups, and operated on a private basis. Extended adventures and incentive group touring are also available in all regions of Victoria.

Ashleigh Romanjuk is a Travel Designer at Melbourne Private Tours and a 2018 participant on the Tourism Award Mentoring Program. 

If you are a first-time entrant of the RACV Victorian Tourism Awards and would like to participate in this Mentoring Program, please contact Sharna CrosbieThe program is limited to five businesses, and is FREE.